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were both poets and essayists, as well as fiction authors, and their ideas centered around spirit, organic growth, inspiration, and the importance of art for society in general and individual in particular. Edgar Allan Poe was a great master. Independent American works were not well accepted in Britain, which is why American authors needed to fit in a British writing frame and follow established rules.

Great essay writers have been working since the early days of American history, and we can be proud of this fact for sure. As oral genres become more popular and influential now, essayists use speeches, movies, songs to understand situation and peoples moods better and do their best to express them in writings.

Contemporary American Essayists Modern essayists are brave enough to challenge old ideas and adapt them to suit todays quickly changing world. Of course, the literature has changed its focus as well. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940 What I Think and Feel at 25 George Ade (1866-1944 Luxuries 1922 American Essay Writers of Postwar Period Essay writers of were very reflexive. A man should express himself and find ways for self-awareness and self-expression. Not only was he a great diplomat and inventor but also he gave the world such essays as The Temple of Learning and The Way of Wealth. They wrote about laws they considered unjust, they described slavery and were against of it, they criticized authorities and their policy, they disagreed with aristocrats, and they warned what the circumstances of such a situation could. The Rise of Democracy and the War of Independence. Some of his essays are Note on a Fable and On Criticism. By Lesley Vos, a staff blogger and essay proofreader, who is a big fan of reading as well.

Famous essay writers
famous essay writers

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