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emotionally, outraged you morally or struck you as unexpectedly funny. Education Certification, stanford University - Bachelor in Arts, Public Policy. Instead, we'll partner with you and coach you towards your best work. . Brent, certified College Essays Tutor in New York,. I also enjoy spending time with friends, often playing competitive board games, such as The magic essay writer Settlers of Catan. Not only did this student get into his first choice college, but he was asked by the admissions committee to use his essay as an example of one that was both entertaining and socially-conscious. At Columbia Law, I sit on the boards of the Student Public Interest Network, the lgbtq students group, and the animal law group.

Elliott has great suggestions on reworking his essay and is very helpful and knowledgeable about writing a college essay. I've studied drama in South Africa and Shakespeare.

" Brian Joseff, Dartmouth Class of 2014. One of the biggest hurdles in writing is getting past writer's block and crafting a unique composition; I help students through that by breaking down the process into easy, digestible steps. In addition, I have experience working in summer educational programs. I am currently assisting lawyers in the.S. In journalism, I am best at helping my students take their academics to the next level in reading, writing, and essay composition. This student never considered one of his greatest peeves a suitable essay topic until he wrote about it during a brainstorming session.